About Us
Orlant is the leading brand in the electric hanger industry. Orlant started manufacturing Electric Clothes Hanger since 2005, and are famous in the industry with the reputation of being “The First manufactrer of Electric Clothes Hanger”. Our company strives to help people improve their lives through technology, by lessening their load, and getting tasks done more efficiently, saving time and effort.

Our corporate culture is “Spirit for Originality”. For the past 10 years and more, we were focused in producing only on one sole product – the Smart Electric Clothes Hanger. Therefore we are proud to have the most mature technology and market.

Orlant’s Smart Electric Clothes Hanger is the top choice when it comes to choosing the best for your home. We ensure that we produce products of high quality, and are definitely safe for use.

When hanging clothes using Orlant’s Smart Electric Clothes Hanger, you no longer have to worry about falling bamboos, raining days, or foul smell due to hanging clothes indoor.

Orlant’s Smart Electric Clothes Hanger is equipped with various features, such as:
  • UV Sterilizing Light – ability to produce negative ion to remove odors, sterilization to remove bacteria and germs from clothing and prevents molds from polluting your laundry.
  • LED Lighting – energy-saving lamp to illuminate your home without requiring additional space.
  • Fan – Produces wind with negative ion, helps removes odor, purifies air.
  • Extendable poles – multiple small poles for hanging different types of clothes and laundry. Can be used to hang large items such as linen and blankets.
  • Wireless Remote Control – covering range of up to 40 meters, uses radio frequency, is anti-interference and will not be affected by directions or obstacles.
  • Lifting Brackets – “X” shape design makes the product more strong, steady and durable.
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